Woods near my house

Woods near my house, Watercolor, 5x7in, 2012



  1. Hello
    Somehow I got lost in virtual art world and stumbled upon this great blog; ( while I was doing my psychology assignment-Yaawn..) I like the watercolor paintings and sketches, they are very simplified but definitely capture the images. I paint as well..I love art You can view my work at the link above.

  2. Yes I do, they are my passion. I hope you don’t consider my Gallery a bit too horsey..
    I try to paint other things, but I get easily bored. On the other hand I like challenge, so i painted some seascapes- water is actually very nice object to paint with only few rules. I am working on it.

  3. joanna tinios says:

    Am so glad to see you are doing what you want to do, and being where you want to be. A few rough years teaches one how to get to the place he/she wants…

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