Market Fun, Flowers, and Oktoberfest!

I had a great time at the markets, once again. I took Foxy to the Sunday market in Hillsboro. She was a hit and met children who also had little foxes. I sold one of my favorite watercolors – it’s a scene of Decision Point Lighthouse in Alaska. My flower paintings also continue to go to nice homes. I must paint more of them!

Oktoberfest – It’s that time of year again. I’m not in Germany this year so I’m going to the one in Mt. Angel Oregon ( I’ll send a photo!

foxy at orenco

2 thoughts on “Market Fun, Flowers, and Oktoberfest!

  1. amanda

    I love looking up as I work in the kitchen and “looking out across the bay at Decision Point Lighthouse”. It’s like having a window in my kitchen and seeing a vast harbor of life. Thank you for your kind words and the painting.


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