My work …

I consider my artworks to be thought experiments. I want viewers to consider alternative ways of looking at familiar things. One’s interpretation of places and people are much more important than how they appear.

I paint figures, landscapes, and wild animals; always with psychological, social, or environmental themes as a catalyst. I use oil and watercolor and occasionally I assemble or collage found objects into sculptures.

About My Watercolors, specifically  …

It’s usually what I do when I travel or am on the go. Watercolors are easily transportable and enable me to quickly capture what I see.

(very) brief Bio …

Born in Wisconsin
Raised in the Arizona deserts
Lived in 9 states
Lived and worked abroad for 8 years (mostly in Germany)
First painting award at age 12 (I still have the painting!)
Exhibited paintings and sculptures in Arizona, California, Connecticut, New York, and Germany
BA in Wildlife Biology
MFA in Painting
PhD in Psychology
Live in Scappoose, Oregon


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