My work …

Life is ephemeral, filled with chance encounters and uncertain outcomes. The beautiful chaos of nature is slowly being replaced by ugly organized icons of progress. So I spend my time thinking about past and future people and places and observing nature, being with wild things.

Ideas are the catalyst for my work. I paint people and places, using my imagination to bypass reason, conventional wisdom, and settled beliefs. I like to depict people and places in ways that one may not often see, think, or feel about them.

Ideas for my paintings come from my education, travels, lived experiences, and studies of themes and motifs from art history, ancient cultures, psychology, and the natural world. I use oil and watercolor paints and occasionally I make prints or assemble or collage objects into sculptures.

About my watercolors, specifically  …

It’s usually what I do when I travel or am on the go. Watercolors are easily transportable and enable me to quickly capture what I see.

(very) brief Bio …

Born in Wisconsin, USA
Spent my formative years in the Arizona outback
Lived in 9 states
Lived and worked abroad for 8 years (mostly in Germany)
First painting award at age 12 (I still have the painting!)
Exhibited paintings and sculptures in the USA and Germany
BA in Wildlife Biology
MFA in Painting
PhD in Psychology
Live/Work studio in Scappoose, Oregon (about 30 minutes north of Portland)


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