Thoughts about my work …

I seek out unknown, disorienting, and psychologically challenging places. Surreal alternate realities. That’s where I live. That’s what I paint.

It is important for my work to go beyond conventional interpretations and beliefs, to show things in ways that we do not normally see or think about them.

Object and context define each other. Figure and ground exist in symbiotic dualism; both independent, yet one does not exist without the other. Each can be described, but the distinction is not real. Meaning is derived from the interdependent, indivisible whole.

Emotions, as they relate to human experiences and to the natural environment, are the catalyst for most of my work. A successful painting does not look like something, it feels like it. I use oil and watercolor paints and occasionally I make prints or assemble or collage objects into sculptures.

About my watercolors, specifically  …

It’s usually what I do when I travel or am on the go. Watercolors are easily transportable and enable me to quickly capture what I see.

(very) brief Bio …

Born in Wisconsin, USA
Spent my formative years in the deserts around Tucson, Arizona – Walked countless miles through the brush and cacti. Treasure hunted in abandoned mines. Visited with an old-time cowboy. Discovered unknown petroglyphs. Been surrounded by coyotes and javelina. Ate cactus and agave fruits. Became sensitive to the presence of things, the mood and energy they projected into the world.
Lived in 9 states, so far.
Lived, worked, and travelled abroad for 8 years (24? countries, mostly in Germany).
Exhibited paintings and sculptures in the USA and Germany.
First painting award at age 12 (I still have the painting!).
BA in Wildlife Biology.
MFA in Painting.
PhD in Psychology.
Studio in Scappoose, Oregon (about 30 minutes north of Portland)


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