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Sun in Western Oregon, oh my

Sun in Western Oregon, oh my.

Yes. It was true. There was a bit of sun at the Saturday market and fun on sun today, Sunday. I got a bit of a burn to prove it.

Today’s farmers market was great. I had some new watercolors to show. I talked to lots of people, and a few went home with new original paintings! I like it hen people by original art – not just mine, by anyone.

My booth at Hillsboro-Orenco Station:

June Paintings

June paintings and an update

I’ve been painting quite a bit to keep up with market demand. I finished four 5×7″ watercolors today (group photo below). I started six more watercolors and three poppy paintings are almost finished.

Behind the scenes – Preview

Here is a sneak preview of a big watercolor I started today. This piece is kind of an “experiment.” I’ve never painted a watercolor this┬ábig (30x22in; 76x56cm). I’m also applying the paint in a way that combines watercolor and oil painting. Unlike watercolor,

  • I am not painting big areas of solid color.

  • I am mixing some colors on the paper (not before I use them).

  • My painting is standing upright instead of lying down.

The last point is interesting and has caused me to make some adjustments; mainly not using as much water as I normally would over a large area. All of this combines to give it a different “look.” We shall see what happens.

Fez start

Michael Liebhaber, untitled as of now.

Sketches from Morocco

Just returned from a three-day weekend get-away to Fez, Morocco. These are a couple of sketches I drew from memory one night as I had trouble sleeping.

Michael Liebhaber, Rooftop View of Fez, Pencil, 20x14.5cm (8x5.75in)

Michael Liebhaber, Rooftop View of Fez, Pencil, 20×14.5cm (8×5.75in)

Michael Liebhaber, Street Scene in Fez Souk, Pencil, 20x14.5cm (8x5.75in)

Michael Liebhaber, Street Scene in Fez Souk, Pencil, 20×14.5cm (8×5.75in)

An impressive church hidden in a small community

St. Sebastian Church in Rockenhausen, Germany. It’s about 30km north of Kaiserslautern. The church is imposing on the outside and impressive on the inside, very well kept, and the pastel hues of the sun coming through the square glass window panes is amazing.


Michael Liebhaber; St. Sebastian Church, Rockenhausen, Germany; Watercolor and Ink; 7x5in (18x13cm)

Michael Liebhaber, St. Sebastian Church, Rockenhausen, Germany, 2014,
Watercolor and Ink, 7x5in (18x13cm)