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Behind the scenes – Preview

Here is a sneak preview of a big watercolor I started today. This piece is kind of an “experiment.” I’ve never painted a watercolor this big (30x22in; 76x56cm). I’m also applying the paint in a way that combines watercolor and oil painting. Unlike watercolor,

  • I am not painting big areas of solid color.

  • I am mixing some colors on the paper (not before I use them).

  • My painting is standing upright instead of lying down.

The last point is interesting and has caused me to make some adjustments; mainly not using as much water as I normally would over a large area. All of this combines to give it a different “look.” We shall see what happens.

Fez start

Michael Liebhaber, untitled as of now.

Happy New Year!!!!!

Almost 2016 in Oregon – towards the end of the new year cycle. Happy 2016 to all of my friends around the world who have already celebrated. This image is one of travel. Who know what the new year will bring?

2016 new year 450

Have you entered your email address yet (in the right side-bar)?

I will soon send my email subscribers the hi-resolution digital version of my slightly eccentric 2016 calendar.

It’s 5×7 inches and can be printed.

I am going to tack mine up as a reminder that the year never goes as planned.

A small preview is below.

To get a hi-res calendar, enter your email at right or send me an email directly. It’s free.






Eccentric 2016 Calendar

2016 pleasant Journey calendar sm

Ski Austria

On a ski trip in Kaprun, Austria. I’m not skiing, just drawing. This is a view of Zeller See (Lake Zell) in Zell am See, the “big” town nearby Kaprun. Mountain drawing tomorrow? We’ll see! Will I ski tomorrow!!!

Zeller See (Lake Zell) Austria (Michael Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)

Zeller See (Lake Zell) Austria (Michael Liebhaber, digital-iPad, 2014)