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So, what if you were the last one of your kind on earth?

So, what if you were the last one of your kind on earth?

It’s strange to think about; almost inconceivable (i.e. hard to wrap ones head around). I am adding more work to my series called The Last One Standing?.

I started the series when I was in graduate school. It’s paintings of animals that are on the Federal Endangered Species list. They are on the brink of extinction. One of them may really be the last one standing. It’s a sobering thought, to be the last one.

In the grand scheme of life on this planet, species come into, and others go out of, existence. I feel sad when it is we humans who are responsible for their demise. However, I use a question mark in the series title because some species have come back from the brink. That’s nice.

I live in Oregon, so I am painting Oregon endangered species (I painted Connecticut birds when I lived there). Why birds? No reason. I will include other animals in the future.

The first two I chose are the Marbled Murrelet and the Western Snowy Plover. I incorporate printed information about the animals into my paintings; their habits, habitat, and so on. They are oil on paper, 12 by 12 inches. The photo shows them still on my easel; just finished!

Bird paintings on my easel

All work and no play

All day on the computer!

Well, we have to do computer work too. I am still bummed about the cancellation of the reception for my show at Art on Broadway. The Portland area just isn’t used to having and handling this much snowy and cold weather so many days in a row. I will let you know if/when the reception is rescheduled.

Foxy n me on computer

November 12th – mark your calendar

Sunday, October 30th was the final day of the Hillsboro Farmers Market – It was a wet one, as you can see by the photo of my booth. Rain is expected this time of year in Oregon and it did not deter the market-goers. It was the day before Halloween so I put out Foxy in a pumpkin. As usual, she was a hit with the kids.


So what’s next?

I plan on sending greeting cards of my travel watercolors to everyone who supported my art-making this past year, but I need your help. I will send an email on November 12th. If you do not receive one from me, then I do not have your email. So, I would like you to JOIN my email list. Thank you!

I’m back in the studio. That means more abstract flower paintings. I might even branch out beyond poppies and daisies. I am also restarting an old practice; figure painting. I love painting people, I’ve been away from it for too long.

Foxy at the market; wearing her wizard hat.

Foxy at the market; wearing her wizard hat.

Foxy after Trick-or-Treat and too much candy.

After Trick-or-Treat and too much candy.



Having fun at Oktoberfest


I took a holiday, not to Munich, but to the little town of Mount Angel, Oregon. It’s their 51st year of celebrating Oktoberfest. They are really into it: 3 beer halls with entertainment and lots of good food that benefits local schools, churches, etc. I didn’t eat all day so what does every artist do? I ate dessert first! Then, of course, was beer. Back to making art tomorrow.

On the way to Mount Angel…


The first order of business…. then on to see how much Oompah music I can listen to. Note to self: Don’t try to drink the fox’s beer. She will bite.


Having fun.

Back home. All partied out on way too much Oompah music.