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In my studio – Endangered Species

In my studio – Endangered Species

I have returned to a theme I love, wild animals. I created a successful series of endangered birds while I was in graduate school in Connecticut. I live in Oregon, now, so my first few paintings will be endangered birds in Oregon. You can see them in my artwork pages.

The first two I chose are the Marbled Murrelet and the Western Snowy Plover. I incorporate printed information about the animals into my paintings; their habits, habitat, and so on. That’s what’s in the photo, along with a drawing of a Marbled murrelet in my sketchbook.

Drawing of a marbled murrelet

Today’s Studio Photo – Entire painting without color

Today’s Studio Photo – Entire painting without color

A minimal palette today. I painted with a mixture of blue and brown. It makes my favorite black. I used it, and that tiny brush, for the whole 3×4 foot painting! But I was just making the beginning drawing on my new painting. 🙂 There will be four figures, not including the people in the backgraound. No photo of the painting yet.

My palette with blue and brown paint with brush

All work and no play

All day on the computer!

Well, we have to do computer work too. I am still bummed about the cancellation of the reception for my show at Art on Broadway. The Portland area just isn’t used to having and handling this much snowy and cold weather so many days in a row. I will let you know if/when the reception is rescheduled.

Foxy n me on computer